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Special Facilities for Students of TTTI:

Students trained from TTTI will get following special facilities:

# Students will be recruited directly from TTTI for Bangladesh Army in different technical trades.

# Students trained from TTTI will get priority in recruitment in Bangladesh Army in General Duty (GD) trade.

# Priority on recruitment / employment in different technical category / trades in Bangladesh Army     


# Students trained from TTTI will get priority in employment in different sister organization of Bangladesh Army.

# Students trained from TTTI will get employment opportunity in different industries /factories/ organization etc within  Bangladesh through own Placement Cell.

# Students trained from TTTI will get overseas employment opportunity through own recruiting agency i.e. Through Trust Overseas Recruiting Agency (TORA).

# Loan facility from Trust Bank Limited for small entrepreneurship.

Special Training Facilities:

* Communicative English & Arabic language course are conducted free of cost. English & Arabic spoken language course are of 48 and 24 hours respectively. These courses are run to give our trainees preliminary language skill in English and Arabic. So that, they are able to communicate once they are employed in overseas employment. This will also give them the advantage during the interview they are likely to face for their employment. These courses are run by professional groups.

Guest Speakers.

 * Guest speakers of different discipline are invited to give lectures on different subjects which are of general importance to enhance the knowledge of the students.

Educational / Training Visit:

Each training/course comprises of educational tour to different technical training institute and industries in order to acquire experience and knowledge to improve the skill level of the students as well as the instructors.