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Welding and Fabrication: Duration-06 Months.

Trainees are provided with knowledge and skills on followings:

# Apply Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Practices in the workplace.

# Trainees are provided with knowledge and skills in Arc, Gas, Tig, Mig, Spot welding, plasma arc cutting, oxy acetylene semi auto cutting and oxy acetylene hand cutting work.

# Preparing Based metal edge prior to welding and performs various types of welding joints on mild steel in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions. A trainee will be able to understand simple drawing and interpret welding symbols on completion of the course.

# Trainees will be given sufficient practice on single run, multi runs, overlapping runs, butt, lap, tee, corner & edge joint.

# Trainees also practice Single V butt, pipe welding (pipe to flange) & pipe welding butt joining up to 10 m. m. outside diameters. 

# They are also given understanding of nondestructive and destructive test on welding joints.