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The organization of TTTI is made up with efficient and experienced professionals to impart lessons to the students, look after the smooth administration of the institute as well as of the students and post training employment of the students at home and abroad. The institute is headed by a Principal. Under him 03 (Three) wing/cell functions as under.

Academic Wing.   


This wing is headed by Vice Principal who looks after all aspects of training. Under him a Course coordinating Officer works as a coordinator among all the courses/ trades. Beside, senior instructors are responsible for each course/trade. To assist the senior instructors there are assistant trade instructors and course conductors.

Administrative Wing

* Administrative Officer heads the administrative wing. He is responsible to look after all types of administration of students and staffs of the institute.

Placement Cell.

* Placement Officer heads the Placement cell. He is responsible for the post course employment of the students at home and abroad. Placement cell works under his guidance.