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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Duration- 03 Months

 Trainees are provided with knowledge and skills on followings:

# Trainees acquire sufficient knowledge on installation, repair and operation of the domestic AC and Refrigerators.

#Trainees are provided with the knowledge to diagnose and repair faults and test of the refrigeration and air conditioning unit.

#Apply Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Practices in the workplace.

# Accruing knowledge about principal of Refrigeration System.

# Perform Tube processing operation (Cupper Tube Cutting, Riming, Swaging, Flaring, Bending, Brazing, Lock ring Joint)

# Accruing knowledge about Flashing, Lack check, Vacuum, Purging and Refrigerant Charging.

# Servicing and Maintenance Refrigerators, Freezers and Beverage Cooler.

# Servicing and Maintenance Window and Split Type Air Conditioning System.

# Accruing knowledge about Repairing Compressor.

# English practice in workplace.